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The RWF aims to support adult education courses and projects as outlined in our Aims.

Please contact for further details, specifying your interest/s.

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Reading Retreat Scheme

gladstones libraryIf you are interested in reading/writing/research, then you may well want to benefit from our Reading Retreat Scheme.

Two residential centres with superb accommodation and facilities are at the heart of this scheme, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden ( has a quite outstanding library, professionally administered, containing a collection of national distinction. Wortley Hall, Sheffield (, has a more modest collection within its Sylvia Pankhurst Library and its on-line catalogue is still in early stages of development.

Anyone wishing to get away for some quality time to read/write/research at these centres can apply for a grant. here

Proposals approved by Trustees for 2016 include:

Grants for:

Lancashire and the Spanish Civil War -  One-Day Conference in Nelson,  Lancashire.

North Staffs  WEA  International Women's Day Conference at the Mitchell Arts Centre, Hanley

Publication of booklet, Barry Hines (1979-2016)  Celebrating His Life and Work,  produced for a media reform group Day Workshop in Wakefield.

Helping 'distant members' (travel costs) attend the annual Philosophy in Pubs (PiPs) Conference at the Adelphi, Liverpool.

Discussion in Pubs (DiPs) discussion circles on The Great Space Debate themes at the Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield.

Reading Retreat at Holy Rood House Retreat Centre, Manchester.

Manchester University Day Workshop  RW – Popular Music and Subcultures

Festival for Democracy (DemFest)   RWF in partnership with Gladstone's Memorial Library (the venue) and the Democratic Society (DemSoc), launching a major new initiative which is likely to become an annual event of national significance.  

Proposals approved by Trustees for 2015 include:

Research project, 'The Future of Cities’ and promotion of KWs,  Oxford University

Funding a translation of Heidegger play into English for production at RW related event.

Financial support for Independent Working Class Education (IWCE) weekend at Northern College, which included PiPs participants.

Funding, the annual RW residential in May at Wortley Hall to help keep fees low and also providing several bursaries for those in receipt of benefits.

Providing assistance for transport costs for WEA South Tyneside to visit Parliament within a political education project.

Aiding University of Huddersfield researchers (travel costs) to conduct interviews with former teachers/students in FE Liberal Studies  (leading to article in the British Journal of Educational Studies).

Supporting RWF Ruskin College residential discussion circles based on the RW Society annual lecture on 'Modern Tragedy’

Grant-aiding a commissioned portrait of RW, which was unveiled at Wortley Hall during the RWF 'Celebration' short weekend which also featured a special lecture and discussions on the Sylvia Pankhurst Library development and 'The Future of Public Libraries'.

Proposals approved by Trustees for 2014 include:

May RW residential on 'War - and Peace'

Research Student, Swansea University, for help with binding his thesis on 'Flow' in RW's book 'TV, Technology and Cultural Form'.

RMT Doncaster RWF weekend on 'Dylan Thomas'

Major refurbishment and cataloguing project, Sylvia Pankhurst Library, Wortley Hall.

Grant for research student to attend University of Kassel

Conference on Politics and Globalisation.

Shallowford House (former WMC) Literature weekends support for one weekend for two volunteers who have organised the series.

Reading Retreat at Woodbrooke Quaker Centre.

Proposals approved by Trustees for 2013 include:

a) May RW residential at Wortley Hall on Democracy and the Future of Political Parties
b) November weekend at Wortley Hal on Scandinavian Politics and Culture

Grants for:
Research student working on RW at Swansea University archive

Reading Retreat for individual single mum, Luther King House

Literature student (unemployed) to attend Shallowford House weekend

Derby Fiftykay project - Political Economy discussion group in pub..

University of Salford Day Conference 'Culture.. and working class movements'

Proposals approved by Trustees for 2012 include:

Day School on Literature

Writing Group for disadvantaged adult

Assisted research student to participate at Berlin Conference

WEA Politics weekly course subsidized

Reading Retreats - individuals at Luther King House, Knuston Hall; Hawkwood, Gladstone Library,
Small group at LKHouse.

Subsidy for residential seminar on Communications at the Adelphi Hotel Liverpoool 23-25 Nov 2012

Subsidy for Wortley Hall residential seminar on The Long and the Quick Revolution, 9-11 May 2012

Proposals approved by Trustees for 2011 include:

Subsidy for Wortley Hall seminar on The Media, 12-13 October

Annual RW weekend at Barlaston in May on The Spirit Level - during which a ‘bucket’ collection for the RUWON, Nepal project raised over £400

Residential Library – Reading Retreat project

Women’s education in Andrapradesh, India

Community Centres for Women and Youth, Congo, Africa

Oral History project – Britain at Work 1945-1995 - West London

WEA Politics course in North Staffs, autumn term

RWS - People of the Black Mountains Conf. Abergavenny

SEA Conference at WMC on Key Educational Issues for 2011 - Surveying the Landscape. Sat 26 Feb;

Subsidy for individual member to attend Literature tutorial at Barlaston; Issues in Politics WEA course.

Teaching in NepalRural Women's Network for Education in Nepal;

Individual students for an annual Keele Summer School.

Projects supported in 2010 include:

January: Esperanto Drondo (Discussion Circle) week-end, subsidized from the
Learning Revolution - Transformation Fund. (TF)

Funding to assist a scholar/researcher to visit and work at the Raymond Williams Archive,
Swansea University

February: A major residential project at the WMC, Barlaston (TF assisted) bringing together
ODDc, PiPs, WEA, U3A, Sci-bar, cafe philosophique, Drondo, Lit & Phil, Book Group
and other informal adult learners to share experience and move forward.

May: Support for the annual Raymond Williams Week-end on Towards 2020.

Summer and Autumn: Financial support for these week-ends at WMC:
Thomas Paine
The Arnold Bennett Society residential on WB Yeats.
* Grant to Borderland Voices to help creative writing groups in a deprived area of Leek, Staffs.
* Grant to assist WEA student on organised trip to Liverpool Slavery Museum
* Further support for WEA Issues in Politics weekly course in Hanley

Funding for projects during 2009 included: 

Farm2Grow (taster day, launching activities and courses involving socially and educationally disadvantaged)

Annual WEA Raymond Williams W/end on Key Words at Barlaston

BRASS (helping asylum seekers and refugees in Bolton)

Art theory and practice WEA residential at WMC, Barlaston

Cuba Day in Berwick-upon-Tweed – lecture and discussion sessions

Esperanto Drondo (discussion circle on big themes) w/end at Barlaston

NORSACA (Afro-Caribbean Association) Day at Barlaston

Cambridge Womens' Resource Centre, for educational courses

Oldham Refugees educational support.