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Report on this very successful event here Thanks to Rose Kay for providing the notes to make this report possible. How does she do it?!!

Feedback on this event here

Residential course open to all at
Wortley Hall, Wortley Village, near Sheffield
S35 7DB

EU mapThe Future of the EU and Europe

Friday to Sunday 15 – 17, April 2016
From 4.00pm onwards on Friday to 2.00pm Sunday

Key-note Lecture,  Friday evening: 
Raymond Williams' Resources of Hope:
From radical compensation to ecosocialist emancipation
by Derek Wall,
Economist,  Writer, International Co-ordinator for The Green Party.

  Raymond Williams pioneered many of the aspects of radical social critique that give us the most hope in the 21st century.  He wrote about 'Socialism and Ecology' published in 1982, helping to promote a green left and ecosocialist politics.  'Socialism and Ecology' was part of a collection of his essays entitled  'Resources for Hope.'  He argued that 'To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing.'  So how in 2016 can Raymond Williams subtle and complex ideas about culture and politics, help us achieve necessary change.  While the right in the form of David Cameron and other neoliberal leaders appear strong, movements for change from the Latin American left to new forces in Europe are growing.  How can Williams' thought be renewed to strengthen these challenges, with special reference to the EU debate?

There will be another plenary session, a forum with speakers from participants on the weekend giving the case for ‘In’ or ‘Out’ inc. a review of DiEM25.  In addition seminar discussion of relevant YouTube viewings:  Varoufakis;  Chomsky and others.

The EU Referendum – an up-date and views on this;  Displacing Neoliberalism – The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (or DiEM25);  Migrant Communities – the European challenge;   In ‘Towards 2000’ (1983) Williams saw the  feminist, peace and ecology ‘new social’ movements as agencies for social and revolutionary change – a review of the potential now for each in selected European countries;   Nations, nationalism and regionalism;  Podemos and Syriza;  KW workshop/s: ‘Internationalism’,  Ecology& ‘Socialism’;  Co-operatives working…;  Isolating the extreme-right through tactical voting and other strategies;  Radical informal education across the Continent, for example PiPs and IWCE;  Extending digital democracy; Transnational TU collaboration… 
Cultural issues – readings and performance.

Plus late night music and poetry...
The RWF AGM will take place on Saturday Detailed programme available in February, sent to all participants and available on RWF website.


Provisional Programme here

Discussion Notes

DiEM25 - the Democracy in Europe Movement - notes for discussion circle

Europe at a crossroads - Corbynism and its futures - notes for discussion

Prostitution, and the law in the EU - notes for discussion

The European Union and NATO - notes for discussion

PiPs/DiPs and other Pub Discussion Methodologies - notes for discussion

Digital Democracy - notes

European Poetry - notes

Migrant Communities - the European Challenge - notes

International Trade Unionism - notes

"Representative" -notes for discusion

Recommended Advance Reading......

Democracy in Europe Manifesto by Anthory Barnett

"One very simple, but radical, idea: to democratise Europe." An interview with Yanis Varoufakis

Swiss Parliament decides to withdraw the application to join the EU by Swiss National Councillor (ie Swiss MP) Lukas Reimann

Brexit Divisions: What you ought to know about EU referendums and the UK debate

Diagram showing the complexity of European intergovernmental bodies

Keywords of Crisis in Europe

Corbynism and its Future

Corbyn says we should decriminalise prostitution. Here’s what the women on the front line think
- for the Feminist Issues discussion

The making of an open and democratic Europe: reading Brexit through E.P. Thompson


All-in (subsidized) fee  -  only £105.00pp,  includes en suite bedroom, all meals, refreshments and all sessions.   

If you prefer deposit £30 with Balance of £75 at least 3 weeks before the event

There will be several bursaries available at £25 for those in receipt of benefits, and younger adults (16 – 24).

 Non-residents welcome.  Fee:  £25.00 for all sessions plus tea/coffee but note meals paid for in the Bar;  or pro rata, depends when you come and go..    Any queries or questions:    Phone:  0161 4779376