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22 Sept 2014

We have been pleased to receive generous acknowledgements from several beneficiaries of grant:
for example:

* The Professor of Education at Huddersfield University for assistance with a department project on the history of Liberal Studies in FE

* A research student from Swansea for help with his thesis on RW and TV & Cultural Form (he has given a bound copy of his thesis to RWF, which will placed in the Sylvia Pankhurst Library, Wortley Hall.

There has been good progress with our Residential Course. "21st Century Democracy - Participation Now" at Wortley Hall 28-30 Nov 2014 with 25 committed to attend as at 17th September, with 45 residential places in total available we can be reasonably confident that we will fill all available places.

7 July 2014

Einstein quote

Our hunt for Coodinators/Facilitators for pub discussions has just begun. (See the flyer we have circulated click) and already we have had some encouraging responses. One from the South Wales region and another proposing a 'Walk and Talk' group in the Leicester region.

There is now a possibility of a Discussion Circle being formed in Manchester Central Library and in Bury, Greater Manchester. We will keep you informed ...

A burgeoning literature on RW in China - over 50 articles and 3 book-length studies ...more

Our debate on 'Keywords' at the Tate Liverpool in conjunction with PiPs on April 24th went very well ...more

'KEYWORDS' goes on-line. The project RW started 50 years ago is to continue on-line. click

Be a user, not a consumer: how capitalism has changed our language

Capitalism is altering our language– and Raymond Williams saw it coming more than 50 years ago

Owen Hatherley

See this article by Owen Hatherley published in the Observer 11 Aug 2013. It concerns the effect of capitalism on our language and makes a number of references to Raymond Williams. click



Malcolm in Oz is still keeping in touch. To see earlier emails scroll down...


Dear Malcolm,

Many thanks for this. It's helpful to keep in touch and share ... I read through one of your blogs and found that reference to a small village in Italy which has appointed a 'Municipal Philosopher' ... fascinating.
Attach our latest Blue Mugge pub programme and an off shoot 'Grassroots' proposal (Municipal Philsopher aims very relevant...).

Best wishes


From: Malcolm Sealy <>
Sent: Monday, 28 January 2013, 23:41


Dear Derek,

Hope all well with you and your Groups.

I thought you might just be interested in ideas for the coming Term - I have updated the blogsite linked to the U3A site.

Best regards


This enquiry was received from Australia via our Discussion Circles website on 17th March 2011

From: Malcolm Sealy <>
Sent: Thursday, 17 March, 2011 1:54:20

I have been running a Philosophy Forum within the u3a Shoalhaven Group 100 miles south of Sydney for the past four years. The interest has grown and flourishes (a touch of eudaemonia) amongst a group of mostly retired residents.

We have covered a great deal of ground in that time and try to mix topical items with thoughts from Philosophers and Philosophical Schools of the past. There is now a feeling that we should have a more orderly syllabus.

Having looked at your writings and reports I wonder if you have any ideas which would help me in this - I am not finding it easy to work out an orderly but simple plan.

Congratulations on the three pub discussions - good to see that pubs are becoming the centre of excellence once more.

Very best regards

Malcolm Sealy


This was Derek Tatton's reply which included examples of our Discussion notes and programmes which can be found on the Discussion Circles website ....

Dear Malcolm,

Great to hear from you down there. Pleased, of course, that you have found our web-site/s and have access to our notes etc... We are part of a growing network of groups, circles and organisations and I'd recommend that you - using - follow links not just to oddc but on to PiPs, cafe philosophique, sci-bars etc... which may also help you.

On your specific question about working through an orderly and simple plan I attach our current Blue Mugge programme as just one example plus some notes which have provided good stimulus. Any of the titles and notes from the above web pages (all tried-and-tested) could form a programme.
A key issue we have found, as I guess you have, is finding a chair/leader/facilitator for discussion. Skills are needed here, mainly light-touch encouragement for everyone to contribute; avoiding 'dominance' by maybe limiting everyone to no more than 2 minutes at a time. The notes assist to focus and give order and by using 'experts' and 'authorities' through and the BBC radio In our Time archive a group which knows little or nothing can tap into expertise to have meaningful debate and discussion.

I'd like to add you and your Forum to our network, strenghening the international dimension. Assume that's OK? Hence, we will keep in touch, sharing notes literally maybe?

With best wishes,

Derek Tatton


And the final reply from Malcolm...

From: Malcolm Sealy <>
To: derek tatton <>
Sent: Saturday, 19 March, 2011 22:53:17

Dear Derek,

Much appreciate your helpful reply and very much enjoy your reports - as for finding the Leader - I am that person ! I have now moderated (strange word looks like the Moderator of the Church of Scotland) over 50 of these Philosophy sessions and I have been asked to continue.

Happy for our Forum to be added to your network - the more exchange of thoughts the better. I will keep you up to date on programmes and our blogsite. I shall also give out your addresses to the members at next week's last session for the term which is on Social Philosophy and the dreaded M word - MULTICULTURALISM.

There are also two or three informal Philosophy groups locally which meet at Cafes - one of which delights in the name of Socrates' Table..

Here is the link - and the summary of next Term's programme is as follows:-

The Forum is looking to work to a more formal syllabus for the coming Terms so as to clarify the lives and views of selected Philosophers and the various Schools of Philosophy. We shall continue to relate topical happenings locally, nationally and internationally to the thinking of the past - plus ça change, plus c’est toujours la même chose


Malcolm Sealy