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These notes have been used to aid Circle discussions and are being made available to anyone who wants to make use of them.

Click on the titles below to access the notes as 'Word' files. If you don't have the 'Word' program they can be opened and modified for your own use using the 'Wordpad' program which is available in the 'accessories' programs of 'Windows'. Or you can use the many Open Office programs available for free. Some notes will be in pdf format which are more difficult to modify but can be done with a little ingenuity.

If you have problems contact the webmaster and I'll be happy to help.

Aesthetics and the Golden Ratio - Is beauty only in the eyes of the beholder?
Anti-matter - a parallel universe?
Antony Gormley & Richard Long - very different artists?
Arab Spring - A new beginning or just a false dawn?
Architecture 1 - Can architecture make you ill?
Belgion Congo - A Country with a difficult history
Bertrand Russell - an attempt to explain his contribution to philosophy
Biodiversity - what is it?
Biological Sciences - the science of our future?
Chinese Communism and Capitalism - where next?
Conversation - the rules of engagement
Cosmos - Is a big place. What do we know of it?
Digital Democracy - how to use technology to enhance democracy.
Disgust, Shame & Manners - Emotions & etiquettes that shape society
Does the World Spend too much on Space?
Fracking - Is it really so bad?
Has TV been a Malign Influence on Society?
How do artists become famous - A comparison of the lives and art of Edvund Munch and Grayson Perry
How to Change Education - Are politicians ruining our education?
Is Coalition Government Good or Bad for the UK
Knowledge – What is knowledge?
Michel Sandel 2 - Markets and morals etc
More Architecture - the mother art?
Mosque Bombings –Sign of an intolerant society?
Nursing - A matter of life and death
Oscar Wilde - a famous man but what do we know about him?
Our relationship with animals - We eat them and love them
Overclass/Underclass - Is there really such a difference between the two?
Palestine & Israel - what do we know of the history of this conflict
Poems of Byron and George Mackay Brown – a comparison of the lives and works of these very different men
Pope Frances - an earthquake in Catholicism?
Protest Songs - have they had their day?
Richard III - A much maligned King?
Russell Brand - more than an actor and comic?
Salvador Dali - An extraordinary man
Scottish Independence
Sir Alex Ferguson - a discussion on power
Taboo - Things we don't talk about?
Tattoos - Are we still predjudiced?
The Eiger and Mount Everest – They are still there
The London Effect - Does London get too much of a share?
The Spirit Level 2 - Inequality is bad for us all?
Two Poems July 2013 - Stevie Smith and Dylan Thomas
Universe Within - Based on books by Neil Shubin 'Your Inner Fish' 2008
Ukraine - a new hot spot in the world of conflict
Welfare – Is it a dirty word now?
What is Education for? - Is it just to get a job?

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