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These notes have been used to aid Circle discussions and are being made available to anyone who wants to make use of them.

Click on the titles below to access the notes as 'Word' files. If you don't have the 'Word' program they can be opened and modified for your own use using the 'Wordpad' program which is available in the 'accessories' programs of 'Windows'. Or you can use the many Open Office programs available for free. Some notes will be in pdf format which are more difficult to modify but can be done with a little ingenuity.

If you have problems contact the webmaster and I'll be happy to help.

Art & Impact - What is "impact" in poetry
Animal Experiments - Few, if any, subjects in this country raise such violent feelings and passions
Bonfire Night – Death by burning has a long history
Born Belivers –Is religious belief ingrained into human nature
Chomsky –Noam Chomsky - b. December 1928. American linguist, philosopher and political commentator
Class and Culture in Modern Britain - How class has changed since the 50's
Class and Status - Can a person's social class be defined objectively and 'scientifically'? Coping - with life
Dawkins and Rowan Williams debate - on the nature of human beings
Entrepeneurs - very valuable citizens?
Family History – the phenomenon of geneology
Fashion in the Arts - ups and downs in the Art world
Football and money
Fracking – Emotion & science
French Presidential election - Hollande's victory
Funerals - an aid to grief?
Future of Railways
Future of the Euro and the EU – Crisis in Europe
Genetic Modification - super people?
Genetic Mutation – Darwin and all that
Goethe & the Rules – Do rules give us freedom?
Guide to Economics –Running a country is not like running a household
History of the World in 100 objects – Based on the radio progamme
HS2 - A boon or waste of money
India - an emerging power
Jeremy Clackson & Good Taste in humour - the marmite of comedy
Marriage - a declining institution?
Michel Sandel - a people's philosopher
Monachy - based on Hilary Mantel's often misinterpreted essay 'Royal Bodies'
Neandethals – were they cleverer than we thought?
Older & Bolder – A Goethe quote
Poetry - How important is it to you?
Scepticism & Skeptiks - the first step towards Truth'?
Scientific Method - how modern science is done.
Surveillance - for good or ill?
Syria – a country in turmoil
The Long and the Quick Revolution - based on a Lecture given by Anthony Barnett
Two cultures & the Scientific Revolution - are the cultures of Science and the Arts in conflict?
Value of Culture - renewing the debate
Walking & Cycling - pastimes on the rise why?
Web as a Meta Brain - the power of the internet
Week in Westminster - the weeks politics
Welfare - it seems to be a dirty word these days
Why Marx was right part 2 - another look at Terry Eagleton's slant on the world

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