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These notes have been used to aid Circle discussions and are being made available to anyone who wants to make use of them.

Click on the titles below to access the notes as 'Word' files. If you don't have the 'Word' program they can be opened and modified for your own use using the 'Wordpad' program which is available in the 'accessories' programs of 'Windows'. Or you can use the many Open Office programs available for free. Some notes will be in pdf format which are more difficult to modify but can be done with a little ingenuity.

If you have problems contact the webmaster and I'll be happy to help.

Abstract painting – 'Anyone can do that'
Afghanistan - why are we in there?
Age of Absurdity - Arthur Schopenhauer
All Art constantly aspires to music – According to Walter Pater
Appreciation of two Salvador Dali Paintings - 'Persistence of Memory' and 'Galetea Of the Spheres'
Appreciating wine, poetry and art - a plain wo/man's guide to avoiding bunkum
Arab Revolt - Is changing the World.
Are We Too Close to the USA? - are our cultures really that similar?
Art and Impact – Examining the impact of three pieces of art
Art and Culture - What is it?
Artificial Intelligence – will it exceed human intelligence?
Badger Culling also Royalty - We tried two topics at this session.
Big Society - A new why to think of society?
Binge drinking – Britain leads Europe, why?
Black Holes and the Multiverse
BNP success in EU elections is a boost for British democracy – Will the electorate wake up?
Book to Film – Do they work well?
Buddhism - why has it captured the spirit of the age?
Can the Assassination of a Dictator be justified?
Chaos Theory and the Neutrino
Charity - more than just Love? Childrens Games and Parties
Chinese Capiltalist revolution - will they rule the world?
Christmas and Prospects for 2012
Cities and Ethnicities - Balti Britain and multiculturalism
Citizenship 2 – A second shot at this huge subject
Citizenship 3 – A third shot at this huge subject
Citizenship-5 - A fifth shot at this huge subject
City and the Country
Climate Change - an up-date on facts and arguments
Climate Change and the Supply of Power – How will we power the world
Coincidence - chance luck and fate.
Cooperation versus Competition - Can we work better together?
Confidence – A look at the importance of confidence in human relationships.
Confidence 2 - A second look at this subject.
Conflict resolution and the Middle East
Consciousness 1 – What is consciousness?
Consciousness 2 – More on this difficult subject
Consciousness 3 – The mind body problem
Convention on Modern Liberty – erosion of freedoms?
Conversation - Rules of engagement
Coping - with modern life
Cuba – a unique political system.
Culture is Ordinary – based on the essay by Raymond Williams
Daoism - Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Belief.
Demography and Death - our changing age-scape.
Do we get the Politicians we Deserve? – Do we expect too much of our politicians?
Do animals have ethics? - Are we the only creatures on the planet to behave ethically?
Dubai - Cities of the future?
Education - Three Big Issues
Englishness and the British State - which way English nationalism?
English Nationalism - Patriotism or yobbism?
English - the international language.
English 2
Euthanasia - Appreciation of Dylan Thomas's poem on death and Digitas
Evolution and the Human Brain - The most complex thing in our world?
Factory Farming and Cheap Food - sustainable?
Fairer Society - How can we have one?
Faith Schools - In an increasingly atheist society why have them?
Feminism Reviewed – Are we all feminists now?
Fibonacci Sequence and Symmetry - maths in nature.
Five Years at the Blue Mugge - a look at what has happened to our discussion circle
Football - is it more serious than life and death?
Forgiveness and Understanding - old fashioned values?
Freemasonary - is it just social climbing?
Freewill - Does it exist?
French revolution – did it go wrong?
Future of the British Pub - Last orders:  calling time on pubs
Future of Museums and Art galleries - How will they evolve?
Future of the NHS
Gender voting and the Rational voter
Global Economic crisis – comparisons with recessions of the past.
Good and Evil - is there such a thing?
Grandparents - more important than ever?
Greed - in the financial world based on this BBC broadcast
Greener way of life - An end to consumerism?
Guilt - what is it good for?
Heidegger – A look at the work of this influential Philosopher
Heroes – what are they?
History is Bunk – Do we use history well?
Hinduism - the oldest world religion
Hobbes - An influential British Philosopher
Honours Lists -Why?
How Do We Know We Are Happy?
How to Change the World - Can we all do it?
How Would we Change the Capitalist System - Occupy?
How to talk about things we know nothing about - Intrigued?
Humanities - can they promote a better life?
Humour – and Stand-up Comedians - just a laugh?
Hunting - Right or Wrong?
Hysteria – also the stress of modern life
Internet - social, political and economic impact.
Ideology and Belief - Can we get by without them?
Individual Freedom in the UK – Are our freedoms being eroded?
Inequality in Society – Can we ever be equal?
Is Public Art worth it? – It is expensive but is it uplifting?
Is the USA a spent Force? – Is the dominant power of the 20th century on its way out?
Islam – consideration of some concepts of this huge religion.
The Jaguar  - appreciation of the poem by Ted Hughes
Jean Paul Sartre - a modern philosopher
Jeremy Clakson and Good Taste in Humour
Journalism and Power - the power of the media
John Milton – Poet or Politician?
John Ruskin - a look at this Victorian man.
JP Satre and Free Will
Karl Marx – Suddenly he is back in favour
Karl Marx - an Update
Leek History, Culture and Heritage
Left versus Right – an analysis of quotations by some famous names
Local Government – Why was Democracy for Stoke needed?
Localism - A shift of power from central government?
Long life and its efffects - Can the world afford our living longer?
Lowry Paintings and Duchamp Sculpture - two very different artists
Luck and Superstition - Black cats and White rabbits
Moral Philosophy - Who needs it?
Munch and the Scream
Multiculturalism - has it failed?
Nothing and Nothingness
Old Age - What have we to look forward to?
Paine and poverty – looking at what Thomas Paine had to say about poverty.
Persistent Change – Life's so complicated!
Pets as Kin – Do we attach too much importance to pets?
Philosophy Today - AC Grayling
Poems from Paintings
Popper and Science – the theory of falsification. Popper's social and political ideas.
Rape – Only 6% of reported rapes end in conviction.
Ritual - some examples, national and local considered
Rural Women in Nepal - a fight towards modernity
Singing - why do we love so much?
Shops and shopping - what future?
Should we get out of the EU. - This question keeps coming up.
Smacking of Children - spare the rod spoil the child?
Space Spending - is it worth it?
Socrates - Perhaps the most influential philosopher
Staffordshire Hoard - were the Dark Ages not so dark?
Strictly Come Dancing - the future of Television.
Target Culture and Performance Management
Target Culture 2 - Another go ast this one
Teenage pregnancy – the Uk has one of the worst records in Europe
Television - has it been a malign inluence on society
Thatcherism - has it been good or bad for Britain?
The Body - Images and cultural constructs
The Brain - Is it what defines you?
The Defence of Infancy - When should children become criminally responsible?
The Future of Books and Libraries - do they have a future?
The Future of Museums and Art Galleries
The Future of the NHS
The History of History - what good is history?
The Law - should it be used to protect us from ourselves?
Theology and religion - St Thomas Aquinas
The State of India - is India in a state?
The Under Class – Class and the poor.
The Precautionary Principle – Will it kill science?
The Protester - No one could have known that when a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire.....
The Spirit Level - Why Equality is better for everyone.
The Spirit Level 2 - a follow on
The Teenage Years - Would you go back?
Time and Ageing - Time waits for no man.
Torture - is it always wrong?
Transport - How should we get about?
Triviality – What is trivia?
USA. How's Obama doing? – Now he's in how's he doing?
USA, an update - Barack Obama:  hope, fear and advice…
Visions of the Future – some views of the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku
Voting Systems - proportional representation etc
What are the limits of parental control? - state intervention?
What are Universities for? - should they be reformed?
What is Biodiversity? - what does it mean for the human race?
What is Madness? - not an easy definition
What is poetry? – also an appreciation of Slyvia Plath's poem 'Mushrooms'
Why Marx was Right
Why Paint? - the relevance of art today.
Why religion persists... - also aggressive secularism.
Wind Turbines - the Marmite of energy production.
Women and Domesticity - what's changed?
Wooton Bassett - our relationship with the armed forces
World Food Emergency – How do we feed the world?

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